I have been an ardent believer in the wonders of Dental Website Marketing. This belief and reliance was strengthened by research studies that shows almost 80% of people in need of dental care reach for the computer to check the dentists and their services on dental websites rather than depend on (pardon the pun) word of mouth! Promoting one’s dental practice, whether as a newbie or an old reliable is made more profitable with the use of dental website.Online commerce has grown by leaps and bounds through the years. Almost everything can be advertised and sold through the internet and a dental practice is no exception. People no longer rely on referrals of family and friends or depend on excellent recommendations or believe glowing praises by satisfied clients or happy patients. Through mere look-up in the dental websites, one can be convinced to go seek out that particular dentist.  This explains the wide influence of a well-crafted dental website. The first few seconds a reader or surfer spends on the site is the most critical one. This may spell boom or doom for the dental practice. So, it is imperative that the front page of the dental website is laid out in such an attractive and charming manner. The formula for a website that will be a visual delight is the right and judicious use of color, contrast and hues. Depending on the specialty of the dentist, the theme must be congruent with it whether pediatrics, cosmetics or mainly orthodontics. Important information regarding the dental practice like contact personnel and numbers must be easily spotted in the dental website.
The font size and type must be age-appropriate and the language or terms used must be easily understood. The presence of an appointment feature in the Dental Websites is a plus since this will make things so convenient for the would be clients or patients. It will make the dentist so accessible to them.  This is the secret to a quality dental website and with all its excellent features designed by website designers who are tops in their field and just thinking about the myriad of benefits the dental website would bring me,
I wouldn’t mind shelling out precious money for this and more! It’s like having the site for a song!!!


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  1. Dafne says:

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